About Us

Sukses Abadi Farmindo is a manufacturing company, that will accommodate your ideas to become real products. We provide you with customize production, unification of creative and clever RnD, and rigorous quality control to fulfill your dreams. With our modern facilities, you will have global access to facilitate your manufacturing and distribution needs.

Our Strength

Multi range category product

Complete production facility

Complete quality analysis

Kompeten rnd

Environment friendly

Water treatment & waste water treatment

Handle BPOM

Registration & Halal BPJPH

Handle export to several countries

Asia, Middle East, Africa

Product Category

We have quite complete production and licensing facilities, ranging from facilities for food & beverages, supplements, drugs to traditional medicines



Traditional Medicne

Home Care

Medical Device

Plant Nutrition


Jasa Pabrik Maklon Herbal: Mengoptimalkan Produksi dengan Teknologi dan Keahlian Terbaik

Jasa Maklon Herbal Murah: Solusi Efektif untuk Pengembangan Produk Herbal

Jasa Maklon Herbal: Solusi Efisien untuk Bisnis Produk Kesehatan Alami

Perusahaan Maklon: Mitra Strategis untuk Bisnis Anda

Maklon Minuman Kesehatan: Solusi Praktis untuk Mengembangkan Bisnis Anda

Maklon Minuman Collagen: Solusi Inovatif untuk Bisnis Kesehatan dan Kecantikan Anda